B.D. Baggies, the classic American buttondown shirt brand,
is now a collection that has been completely modernized in terms of style and product. According to legend, the origin of B.D.
Baggies dates back to 1919. In that year a young man named Bradford Dexter Bagg, discovered a trunk full of his father’s old clothes, including a lot of beautiful shirts, that he decided to wear immediately.
All Bradford’s friends at school admired his new wardrobe and soon those shirts with that air of being “lived-in”, were called B.D. Baggies in honour of the first person to wore them.
The B.D. Baggies collection is designed in the USA, and produced from 100% pre-laundered shirt which has a lived-in look and an unmistakable appeal. “A shirt wearable naturally as a tee ”.
The collection contains original styles, innovative fabrics and treatments and a new fit.

Skills Print Design
Client BD Baggies